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personal defense readiness



personal defense readiness


Regardless of whether you are new to teaching personal safety skills or an old-timer, this is a unique opportunity to affiliate with one of the world’s leading brands in the self-defense world.  The next step is for YOU to learn it professionally from the Blauer team.


The SPEAR: PDR Trainer Course is a professional instructor development program for those interested in teaching SPEAR for personal defense in their communities. The course is designed for self-defense instructors, martial artists, DT & combative instructors and other professionals who wish to professionally affiliate with Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.

Teaching self-defense is serious business. If you’re ready to take on that responsibility and join our team then please carefully read the description below and fill out the online application at the bottom.

If real world self-defense is something you’re after. We can help. We train trainers (get certified to teach this at your school or training center) and we run courses for your students, private group, colleagues, family, etc.

Watch the video and learn more here:
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It takes years to become proficient in martial arts. It takes seconds for a violent attack to take place.

Whether you're a martial arts instructor, a conceal carry trainer, a fitness trainer or just a Good Samaritan, it's important to realize that self-defense can be learned very very quickly.

For some this is a difficult concept to grasp because they have unconsciously been conditioned to believe they need to earn rank to be able to protect.

Not only is this not true it's a dangerous belief as it's both limiting and restricting.

Self-defense can be taught very quickly. Almost like learning first-aid and CPR; those are life-saving skills which you can learn in a day, the big difference is the life you might save is yours!

When you bring the SPEAR to your community, students, club or school you are enhancing their survivability.

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We are redefining self-defense.

Google self-defense and you get a very limited definition - typically about physically protecting property & body. That means the physical conflict has already started. This is limited and dangerous. If you want to be safer you need to think about this differently. And that is the goal with my system, my company and my team.

Weaponizing the flinch acts as fascia, metaphoric connective tissue that supports you during sudden violent Primal moments and gets you through the emotional/psychological ambush and back into a strategic mindset.

When we really appreciate how amazing the human body’s survival design really is, we can integrate it into our personal defense options.

"You teach the 3 seconds before the fight we all teach."

World-renowned DT trainer, co-author of "Street Survival", Robert Willis said this after watching my 1993 presentation at ASLET. Think about it.

In other words, if you don't weather the ambush you don't get to the complex motor skills of your system. And that's why real violence looks chaotic. That's what SPEAR is all about. Like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the foundation must be survival.

With SPEAR, it all starts with a unique and evolutionary look at physiology, physics, and psychology, making our system the first and only program entirely built on behavioral science. (Do the research. Go to and scroll to the bottom footer for links to the science and medical statements.)

SPEAR is entirely based on physiology, physics and psychology. It’s the science of self-defense. It’s a system that taps the body’s iOS... it's the update to the operating system that helps make the hardware work more effectively.

I've taught thousands and thousands over a career that's going into its 5th decade. My main clients are first-responders and have been since 1993. They understand violence differently than most of us. I've learned graphically and vicariously through their battles what efficiency looks like.

I trust them. They trust us.

Now you can learn the essential skills and drills I've taught to first-responders world-wide. Do you want to know more about fear management, situational awareness, avoidance strategies, verbal de-escalation and simple self-defense? Then join the thousands around the world that have trained with us since 1979.

Coach Tony Blauer


And remember, humans really do run this company, if you have a question just ask…